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Virgin Voyages

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BET305手机版with richard branson at the helm, virgin voyages is redefining what a luxury cruise ship means by combining premium elements from favorites on land with the freedom and simplicity of a life well lived on the open ocean. 

some of the most stylish restaurants, bars and hotels — like the mondrian, the ace hotel, and la tounde, from the world's most renowned designers, like concrete amsterdam, roman and williams, and tom dixon — have inspired some of the most iconic musical acts to croon about memories made in these places. and in trying to design spaces worthy of inspiring future hits, virgin got the band back together again.

21st Century Sailing : BET305手机版Swipe it. Dim it. Play it. Tap it. Order. Love it. Virgin don't want to encourage you to stay in bed all day, but with their killer app and tablet in every room, they have made it very tempting. And if the trip starts while you're mid-binge, worry not — they literally have a satellite (yes, a satellite) that can beam you all the goodness. So dim the lights, order in, make a reservation all while being completely horizontal.

Green on Blue : Virgin Voyages greatest aim is for sailors to have the best time on board while indulging… minus all the guilt.  So to do that, they have embedded sustainability deeply into both their operations and the sailor experience itself. Through pioneering innovative and sustainable technologies, banning unnecessary single-use plastics, and thoughtfully sourcing food and retail merchandise — they are creating a sailor experience that balances the duality of enjoying the earth and caring for it.

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