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Rhone River Cruises

take a cruise along the magnificent rhône with any of our sensational cruises and explore the stunning scenery and fascinating cultures along this incredible river.

More About Rhone River Cruises

About Rhone River Cruises

Take a picturesque journey through the vineyards, lavender fields and rustic countryside of the south of France with a scenic river Rhône cruise.  Originating at the Rhone Glacier in Switzerland, the river Rhône flows for over 500 miles, collecting alpine water from the valleys of the Swiss and Pennine Alps before flowing into Lake Geneva, and from there into France.

The Rhône flows through the city of Lyon and south through the Rhone Valley, past the cities of Vienne, Avignon and Arles, where it splits into two branches before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea. Highlights of the Rhone include the cobbled streets, Renaissance architecture and world-renowned cuisine of Lyon.

There is also the ancient city of Avignon "the city of Popes" with its magnificent ramparts, Papal Palace and Romanesque cathedral, the Roman heritage of Vienne and the charming Provençal villages and family-run wineries of the Rhône Valley.

BET305手机版the river flows by some of the most fascinating sites of cultural importance in all of europe. from the amazing saint-romain-en-gal in vienne to the confluence museum and beyond, these incredible sites are not far from the river and can be easily explored on a day trip ashore.

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