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German River Cruises

book any of our german river cruises and experience the very best of germany and the historic cities and dramatic natural landscapes of central europe with an enchanting river crui…

More About German River Cruises

About German River Cruises

Experience the very best of Germany and the historic cities and dramatic natural landscapes of Central Europe with any of our enchanting German river cruises along the River Elbe or River Rhine.

rising in the krkosnoše mountains and crossing both the bohemia lowlands of the czech republic and eastern germany before flowing into the north sea, the river elbe will take you through the magnificent, water-carved rock formations of "saxon switzerland" and the picturesque cities of dresden, wittenburg and dresden.

BET305手机版many elbe cruises will also include extended tours of the cities of berlin and prague. flowing from its source in the swiss alps through western germany and the netherlands and into the north sea, the river rhine is one of europe's most historically significant waterways, marking a frontier of the roman empire and crossing the borders of a number of european countries.

BET305手机版this history can easily be seen in the countless castles, towns and villages dotting its banks. a rhine river cruise offers an opportunity to see some of europe's most famous cities including amsterdam, cologne, strasbourg and basel, as well as the chance to explore the enchanting black forest region.

BET305手机版you can use the search control below to filter our german river cruises by cruise line, cruise ship, destination or departure date. for further information on the world of german river cruising and all the latest offers, call our cruise consultants today!

German River Cruise Offers