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French River Cruises

BET305手机版book any of our french river cruises and explore the majestic châteaus, historic cities and charming countryside of france with a leisurely cruise along the river seine or the rive…

More About French River Cruises

About French River Cruises

Explore the majestic châteaus, historic cities and charming countryside of France with a leisurely French river cruise along the River Seine or the River Rhone. The River Seine offers the perfect way to explore Northern France.  Flowing from its source near Dijon through Paris and Rouen into the English Channel, a Seine Cruise will allow you to explore the highlights of the French capital and Normandy at your leisure. 

The River Rhone flows from the Swiss Alps through Lyon and Avignon to its mouth on the Mediterranean Sea near Arles. River Rhone cruises offer the opportunity to sample the best of south-eastern France, including Medieval and Renaissance architecture, picturesque countryside and the region's world-famous wine-making traditions. 

BET305手机版you can take a look at a selection of our latest french river cruises or find out more about each of the european rivers and their destinations by following the links below. 

when you embark on a river cruise along some of france’s most beautiful rivers, you’re in for a treat. from the sociable culture to the food and incredible art, sailing through enchanting french waterways gives you a sense of wonder you just can’t read about. see the iconic landmarks first hand like the gorgeous and ample countryside while you experience french cuisine to fine wine.

BET305手机版you can use the search control below to filter our french river cruises by cruise line, cruise ship, destination or departure date. 

French River Cruise Offers