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Douro River Cruises

BET305手机版take a cruise along the magnificent douro river with any of our sensational cruises and explore the stunning scenery and fascinating cultures along this incredible river.

More About Douro River Cruises

About Douro River Cruises

Cruise through the rich wine lands and historic cities of Spain and Portugal with a beautiful scenic Douro River cruise.  Flowing for over 550 miles from its source in Soria Province through Northern Spain and Portugal to its Atlantic Ocean outlet at Porto, the River Douro has a long and proud history dating back to Roman and Celtic times.

Today, the Douro Valley is famed for wine production, with terraced vineyards and farms following its winding route it even passes through the mesmerizing Alto Douro Wine Region which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cruising from Porto to the ancient Spanish city of Salamanca, you will have the opportunity to visit rural towns and villages, majestic castles and historic monasteries that chart the River Douro's length and provide a fascinating insight into local life, history and culture. And with incredible museums and art galleries within the reach of the river, a cruise on the Douro gives you the opportunity to explore these fascinating sites.

as the douro moves through spain and portugal, so too does the respective cuisines of the regions. this tasty brew of flavour and style gives you the chance to sample a delicious mix of dishes along the way.

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